A Hunting Ditty.

Being married to a hunter/fisherman and having three little boys who want to be just like their Daddy - I feel like my life is divided into two neatly packaged seasons.  Spring and Summer we are all things fishing, and Fall and Winter we are all things hunting. 

I'm actually completely okay with both - although I do tease that I think I deserve a reward once the seasons are over... 
Or at least some Chinese food when we get home from our escapades.  I'm easy.
No jewels for this girl.  I'm all about the food.

Anyway, in honor of those Spring and Summer months,  I wrote a little Fishing Ditty several weeks back.  And today, in honor of our little hunting jaunt in the woods for our Family Day - which shockingly yielded a partridge despite three Littles - I have created a little remix to my previous summer ditty of delight.

Here goes....
And yes, I was writing it while I was supposed to be scouting for birdies...
What can I say?  When the spirit moves, I have to listen.

A Hunting Ditty.

I have three hunting hoolies -
And one large hunting man.
They like to hunt from dawn til dusk -
This is their hunting plan.

I like the fuzzy comfort
Of my warm and cozy bed.
And getting up real early -
Well, that just hurts my head.

My men - they love adventure.
For them - it's never old.
Me?  Not so much my favorite --
Freeze my buns off in the cold?

Well, doesn't that sound joyous?
Girly fun?  Classy?  Sublime?
With a household of testosterone -
It's a rockin' fine good time...

My boys have caught the sickness -
They have the "hunting flu."
When Family Day arriveth -
And I ask, "What shall we do?"

Well, Plan A is for hunting.
And Plan B - it is the same.
Plan C? - oh yes...you guessed it -
Until we shoot some game.

And so we traipse the forest
In our hunter orange ablaze.
This view of their four backsides -
Is all I see these days...

At first they act real quiet.
Just a tiptoe - hop that log.
But then, they get distracted -
Climbing trees and catching frogs.

Their whispers turn to yelling -
And their walk - a full out run.
They wrestle, shout, and fall in muck
Before our hike is done.

We also need a beastly truck
That handles like a man...
Our girl can't take these escapades
That kill her belly pan.

We'll come home cold and tired -
Full of fresh air, dirt, and sun.
With some luck -- also a partridge -
It's delicious!  Oh so yum!

Well worth the freezing bunzies -
And the filthy clothes galore.
A day spent with my four men in the woods --
Who needs much more?

And someday up in Heaven -
I'll do the things girls do.
On second thought -- who could I fool?
I'm Proud Hick - through and through!

Dedicated to my four Loves ~
Hopefully you'll have more memories of your Mama having fun on our adventures than of her complaints of being cold...

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