Just Checking In

The weather here has been very Maine-like the past couple of days. I have actually needed my sweatshirt in the evenings! Happy for me as the sun makes me hot and itchy. Little Jesse has a couple of spots on his back and legs; I'm praying that it spreads no farther. I can tell that it's bothering him a bit. Poor little guy. As miserable as it's made me, I would gladly take another round of the stuff if I could spare him the same misery.

As a result of being on all of this steroid stuff, my baby has been quite suddenly weaned from his Mommy. We had been slowly working towards this anyway, but it actually took place far more quickly than I would have chosen. Jesse completely rolled with it and has done just fine; but I have been a little sad! One more milestone checked off toward becoming a big boy. I've been much more sentimental this time around......:0(

Well, we settled on where we will be living for at least the first little bit when we move. A Christian family who we know and love in Brewer, Maine bought a motel awhile back and completely renovated it. It is now entirely Christian owned and operated with a little coffee shop downstairs aimed to cater to the high school and college age crowd. They have made some of the rooms into one and two bedroom apartments, and they'll rent one to us at a really great price with zero committment for how long we have to stay. Should we find a house within three months (here's hoping!), they have absolutely no problem with that. We probably won't look for a house for a little while - until we get our feet back under us again - but we like having the freedom to move whenever we feel ready.

The only kicker is that the apartment won't be ready until the end of September, and we are moving home on September 1st. So, to solve that problem, they have offered us their camp out on Pushaw Lake - at the same rent - until the apartment is ready. While part of me wants to move only once and get immediately settled in as soon as we get home, the other part of me is trying really hard to just go with the flow and view this as just an extended vacation. We've been to their camp before and love it, and we'll finally be reunited again with our beloved canoe, and lake water, and nature, and the sounds of frogs croaking at night.....so, I'm rolling with it. The boy's routines are going to be completely thrown anyway with all of this crazyness; they might as well be thrown some place fun and campy first! It'll be Heaven for them out there!

Okay, I'm still itching like MAD! And the stuff is still spreading! Shouldn't it be subsiding somewhat, by now? Merciful Heavens - my legs will never look normal again, I fear! I'm going nuts....must go find my Caladryl. Pray for my sanity.....

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