Tis the Season.

Living in a household that is run predominantly by the male species, I can quite easily break my life down into two simple categories:  Fishing Season and Hunting Season.

That's right.
My family keeps it simple.
Old Gertie.
 During the Spring and Summer months, my boys live and breathe all things fishing; and during the fall and winter months they have buck fever.  Anything in between is just details.
  Kaden's bass getting pulled in....

We have now entered Season Numero Uno.

Fishing Season is upon us, and this is just about the only thing that every last one of my boys eats, sleeps, lives, breathes, thinks, and talks about.  And because it is oh so very new in the season, there's not a whole lot of wiggle room in those brains for entertaining thoughts of much of anything else.
Big Daddy Pickerel...caught by Big Daddy Kev.

Lucky for them, I'm basically pretty cool with this.
I love my Grampy's old boat.
I love being on the water.
I love being with my family.
And I love eating snacks...which I do a lot of whilst on the boat.

And just today, while we were getting all organized to go on our second-day-in-a-row-even-though-it's-sprinkling-and-even-though-it's-yard-sale-season-and-I-could-be-getting-some-crazy-steals boating trip, Jesse told Kevin:  "Mama's a manly woman." Apparently I am just like one of the guys.  Not sure if I should feel honored by this statement or be completely offended.  Still ruminating on that one.

But, off we went for the second day in a row, regardless.

Our house is literally a mile and a half up the road from a sweet lake with crazy amounts of bass and pickerel, so my boys are seriously in Paradise.  London and I....we're pretty much along for the ride.  And lucky for them, she's always up for a grand adventure.  Although, she's not a real huge fan of her lifejacket, and when she's decided that she's done with the fun -- she is done.  Like zero to sixty in three seconds flat, floppy and wailing all over the place.  That's when things get really fun for me and I start thinking about all of the things that I could have been doing had she and I stayed back at the house....

I'm sure the sight of six Crazies in a 14 foot old metal boat, with three Hoolie boys louder than all get-out with one of them usually riding on the hood, a crazy baby who keeps chucking things from the diaper bag overboard into the brink, hooks catching everywhere, lines tangling like crazy, and a Mama and a Daddy trying to keep their sanity whilst having "the time of their lives" amidst the crampy-est of cramped quarters is a sight for sore eyes for anyone watching or listening from shore.
"I TOLD you I was done a half hour ago!!!"
We surely do have a....er...."presence" on the water, to be sure.
And "in" the water...for that matter...
I looked - and suddenly- he was stripped down to his undies and socks....and into the brink he jumped!
First swim of the season.

It begins.

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