Birthdays and God's Sense of Humor...

Motherhood is a funny thing.
And the journey of motherhood is even funnier...

Our sweet London Faith turned one this past Friday...and in my almost ten years of parenting...what an interesting switch I found myself to be in while birthday decoration shopping.  Suddenly, I am transitioning from dinosaurs and bugs, trucks and trains -  to the Pretty Pretty Princess in Pink aisles, and quite honestly, I'm at a bit of a loss at to what to do.
Gifts from Grammy and a birthday sign from Mama.
Jesse, however, went right straight for the Princess castle birthday cake pan saying:  "She. Will. LOVE This!" I, however, was still not quite really to embrace all things Frozen or Cinderella - just yet - so, we compromised and went with Kaden's choice of a flower cake pan.  I can do flowers.
Behold the Ugly.
What I am not able to do however is create soft, faint girly colors for said cake.  I had no idea those little Wilton coloring pots required so little color to turn the frosting into a such a brilliant shade of Horror. Decorating cakes is most definitely not in my gift mix.  So...much to my amusement, I found myself making my sweet little baby girl a pink and purple birthday cake... which I promptly tried to cover much of it up with piped white frosting.  But, between the pink and purple cake and the first birthday girl decor...we surely were all things pink and girly on this day.
It was a dreary, rainy day outside.
All of  my kids like to have birthday parties or rainy torrent days.
It's tradition.

I think that God has a fabulous sense of humor.
Her birthday bib states it loudly:  "The Princess is One."
A gift from my Marmie....which she found to be quite hilarious.
A birthday page for everyone to write in for her album.
And her little birthday outfit?  Well.....I have had this most adorable little pink princessey dress hanging in her closet for months.  As soon a Mom saw it she said:  "You know you'll never wear this on her to church.  So, what better time for her to wear it than for her birthday?"
I freely admit...SUPER delicious.
So, my beautiful baby girl did indeed end up looking like a Princess on her birthday.
And her Mama stood by... watching all four of her boys melt into puddles...and I just about cried.
Stopping for Lovies.
And then I found it quite amusing how irritated she was whilst trying to crawl around in that thing.
So impractical.  I hear ya, Baby Love..
My kind of pink.  Right here.
It was a sweet, sweet day.
Doting Daddy's, brothers, Grampy's and Grammy's.
Fun little presents and tons of little snuggles.
She was impy.  She was happy.
Simple bbq foodies...
And she thoroughly enjoyed her wee birthday cupcake.
And ate it up, just like a lady.
So dainty and delicate...

Sweet baby girl....
How loved and treasured you are.  Such joy you bring to each one of your family members.  And so many things you have taught this new-to-having-girls Mama.  As your Grampy wrote on your birthday page:  "May you grow up to be just as pretty on the inside as you are on the outside."  This is my prayer, as well.  Watch your Daddy and  your brothers.  Let them take care of you and protect you.  Be strong.  Be brave.  But let them be gentlemen, and treat you like a lady.  Fall in love with Jesus first.  Fall head over heels in crazy love for Him.  Let Him grow you into the godly girl that He wants you to be...and don't try to be anything else -- for anyone else.  I love you, London.  My heart is filled to overflowing with you.  What a beautiful Mother's Day gift you were and you are.  And just like Daddy wrote....."try not to grow so fast next year, okay?"

Happy Birthday, Baby Love....

~ A sweet bit of pink to add to our boy crazy mix.
~ Brothers and Daddy's melting with love.
~ Learning to love pink and frills.
~ A birthday to celebrate the same weekend as Mother's Day - the best kind of gift.
~ A year of blessing and a year of joy.
~ Little girls melting bits of this Mama's heart that she never knew she had.

#5170-#5175 ~ My Joy Journey


Chantelle said...

Happy birthday Baby Love.

Kate said...

This little girl is blessed to have a mama who lets her be whoever she is-- whether it's a pink princess or a rough tomboy. Happy birthday, sweet London!

Kristi said...

She is just sweet, Ame...I know this girl has stretched you - but what a blessing! She is delicious, for sure! I can't wait to see you all this summer...time goes entirely too fast, sweet friend. I miss you. love seeing glimpses into your life via your blog...but we really should actually CHAT soon. 'kay?? Love you, sweets.