Field Day.

I have this crazy, quirky friend who grew up in the same neighborhood, same school, same church as me.  I have always known her to have this ah-mazing imagination, a brain that - seriously - never stops going, and this truly raw and real approach to life.

She wears her emotions on her sleeve, she never tries to hide anything, she freely and frankly - and often quite hilariously speaks her mind, she's completely cool with laughing at herself, she raised some pretty cool kids, she's navigated some pretty rough waters in her years, and she's pretty much my standard for the homeschooling Mama that I wish to be.  She marches to the beat of her own drum, she believes that all of life is learning, she's not afraid to branch out and try something crazy or learn something new......

....And she throws some pretty amazing Part-ays.

One of the things that I really always loved in my public school experiences was all of the parties we'd get to have.  Valentine's Parties, Christmas Parties, and especially the end of the year Field Day, and I felt sad that this would be one of the things that the kids would miss out on with me Homeschooling them.

Well.  I worry about that no more, because Wendy....she delivers.
And she delivers in a big way.
frozen bananas with yogurt and sprinkles.  brilliant.
I love everything about her parties.  I love the families who come - all so different and cool.  I love her themes and her crazy ideas.  I love where she lives and the wide open spaces.  I love how she mixes play with education.  I love the blending of all of the ages where the Littles learn right along with the Biggies, and where the older kids play alongside with the younger.
Relay Races.
And I love those few hours getting to visit and talk to all of the other Mamas.
Different walks of life.
Different beliefs.
Different philosophies on education.
All Mamas.  All doing their best on this crazy journey of Motherhood.  And all real about the process.
So encouraging...
That's my Kaden in the green shirt...with his entire FACE blindfolded.
 I also love me a chance to get in on a little bit of the competition and show those kids what a true "Pudding Guzzle - whatever you call it" win looks like.  That's right.  Not afraid to crush my kids in a little bit of friendly competition.

This is my friend Dominique.
She has three big boys and a baby girl herself.  We understand each other.
So, I "volun-told" her that we were going to be partners in the pudding feed....and I was going to feed HER.
She was a good sport about it.
And we won.
Only a teensy bit competitive....
Before we did our relay races and games, Wendy gave us a little lesson on milking goats - telling us all that she has learned this past year in her new adventure of goat raising.  Then, she let whoever wanted to...try some of her raw goat milk.  In true Jesse form, he was up for trying something new, and then proudly declared:  "It tastes like butt!"

Apparently my child has tasted butt before.
Who knew?

I am typically up for trying all things new, as well, but after that informative remark, I politely bowed out.
But, I did snuggle her baby Esme.
Darling, she is.
It was such a fun day.
The rain stayed away.
The kids played hard.
The Mamas had fun.
And we all left for home with our love tanks filled, our hearts encouraged, and allllllmost one more year down in the books...

Wendy has three of these babies for sale that I just might have to purchase from her...
A new adventure of my own methinks....
Now, I just have to convince my Kevy.....

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