Heater Hunting.

Welp, it's that time of year again...
Deer #1.  Last day of September.  A little button buck.
You know...any of you who come from hunting families...that time of year where your men - and often your women, too - get a little crazy.  That time of year when hunters unite and begin to eat, sleep, and breathe all things hunting.

Yes.  It has begun.
Heater hunting.  Where we let the Hoolies loose in the car on old dirt roads.
Kaden still has one more year to go before he can hunt on his own, but this child is chomping at the bit to be out there with his Daddy.  Kev has taken him out with him one morning already this season, and any free time he has we often find him practicing with his own bow and arrows.
London's debut...
In the meantime...
For many a family day during this lovely Fall season, per our boys' request - and with their Daddy's hearty approval - we can be found getting lost  exploring any old dirt road that we can find.
Why, just yesterday in fact, we got lost for a good two hours we spent a good part of that beautiful day exploring all over God's green Earth in search of an elusive partridge for supper.

A little sidenote here:
We have been "heater hunting" since Kaden's been born, and in all of those nine years we have only shot and killed one lonely little partridge...so odds were against us that we would get one yesterday....
Shocker, I know -- with the stealth of those three Hoolies.
And with their amazing attention spans, as well.
It's really beyond me as to why we rarely ever get one.

A mystery, really...

It's still a lot of fun.
The boys love being released into the wild.  They love finding old roads where they don't have to wear their seatbelts.  They love the snacks and treats that we pack.  And they love getting the chance to try their hands at driving.
It's kind of like a carnival ride for the Mama.
And a good opportunity to practice my prayer time....don't let us die.  don't let us die.  don't let us die....
Yesterday was London's debut.
She liked it.
And whilst all the partridges in that neck of the woods are still roaming wild and free...yesterday was still a smashing success.  A beautiful day outside, cozy family time, lots of baby snuggles...

And our fun, silly tradition of Heater Hunting begins.
It's pretty hard work.

Happy weekend, friends!
Slow...see the sacred in the chaos...


Anonymous said...

I'm not a hunter but I can shoot down a big ole' hunter's breakfast with the best of them!

Anonymous said...

I think London would look adorable in blaze orange.