Our Happy Place.

 When the Realtor calls and says a family would like to come back and see your house for a second showing...well, then you feel all celebratory...so you say:  "Hey!  Let's kick it to our favorite place for the afternoon while we await an awesome offer."

 And so we did.
Camden, Maine.
A sweet little seaside town with super yummy coffee shops and lots of fun little places for wee ones to explore.
It's pretty much our favorite.
Plus, London had to have her first experience at Boynton-McKay.
One of the workers said:  "Hey!  The last time you were in here, you were pregnant!"
We've pretty much gone there ever since Kaden was a wee one, so they kind of know us.
A funky old coffee shop that used to be an apothecary.
Tons of coffees and teas to choose from, yummy homemade desserts, and just a handful of dishes to choose from...but all of them amazing.

Below is my fave:
Thai chicken with soba noodles.
Pretty much Heaven on a plate.

 And so we ate our food and we drank our coffee...we poked around town a bit... and we found some water.  And then we kicked it toward the town of Belfast and spent some time at one of our favorite parks that sits right by the ocean.

And Kevy royally kicked my butt in a game of tetherball.
I was never ever good at that game.
What I was good at, was getting my head konked a kajillion times with that dumb ball on a string.
After icecream for all...we kicked it for home.
And upon arriving there, we discovered that our showing was actually, in fact, a no-show.
Major bummer.
Ah well.  Such is life.  It was still a good day.
Happy Holiday-ing, friends!
Take time to smell the roses...

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Such fantastic family photos!