We sold our house yesterday.

To a little couple who is getting married in August and who fell in love with it just like we did four years ago. It comes with four years of memories by a family in love, a fully planted garden....and about 4 dozen eggs hidden somewhere, as my wee chicky bitties have decided to forego their laying in the coop.

So, here's to another chapter...

The Lord has certainly been growing me these past few years of my life...
There was a time when...
I said I would never be a pastor's wife.  Check.
I said I would never raise support.  Check.
And I said I would never live with friends for fear of messing with a good thing. of September 3rd...Check.
This is what we have left of the girls.  A foxy loxy got one this morning.  Poophead.
I've also heard it said that the three potentially biggest stressors in a person's life are:
Having a new baby.  Check.
Moving to a new location.  Check.
And starting a new job.  This week I started back to waitressing.  Again.  Check.
It will also be my first fall of homeschooling two students...with a brand new baby on the side...

Oooh Lawdy...
She wasn't the brightest of the bunch.  But, she was the prettiest.
But surprisingly, I have peace.
Which is saying a lot, coming from someone who supremely despises change.
I'm learning to extend much grace to myself and to others.
And I'm learning that it's possible to simultaneously grieve the closing of one chapter and be excited about the next steps of another.

And a new chapter is indeed upon us.

One that involves stepping away from the rat race of life for awhile to regroup and figure out next steps.
One involving working toward paying off student loans and becoming debt free.
One that involves courage in stepping into the unknown and into a new season.
One involving community and living with and amongst friends - sharing in the messy and the mundane.
And one that involves letting others live life with us and walking alongside.  A vulnerable way to live, indeed.

We will be moving into the upstairs of a huge house on the outskirts of town...with friends who are already living there.  We will be living and learning together...sharing spaces, and siblings.  Kitchens and countertops.  And 40+ acres of woodland to roam for two couples, 5 boys, and one bitty girl..

Living life and sharing....

Hearts and hurts.
The messy and the mundane.
The chaos and the crazy.
Being vulnerable.
Speaking truth.
And extending grace.

Are we crazy - we two families?  Maybe.
Our individualistic culture surely doesn't know much about living in community together.

Am I nervous about potentially hurting relationships in living this close together?  Sure.
But where there is risk, there is also potential for something awesome to take place.

And so we move forward.
With cautious baby steps, we walk...
Trying to hear God...trying to walk where He says to walk.
Open to what He has for us...and willing to never say "Never".....

With hearts and hands wide open.
Holding loosely.
Freely giving back the gifts that were given by the Gift-giver, Himself, in the first place.
And humbly accepting the new ones...

And trusting.
Always trusting.

~ For stretching, and for growing.
~ For listening, and for learning.
~ For a husband worth following.
~ For choosing courage.
~ For a house of memories.
~ For two babies brought home there.
~ For the new couple moving in.  And for the start of their own memories.
~ For boys willing to follow their Daddy and their Mama.
~ For excitement that is catching.
~ For salamanders.  And for frogs.  For adventures.  And for fun.  There as well...
~ For brother friends...and for learning to mesh more personalities.
~ For grace for the Mamas...
~ For new paint and new chapters.
~ For saying "no" to the rat race...and "yes" to things more important.
~ For opportunities to say good-bye to student loans.
~ For new doors able to be pushed wide open.
~ For friendships real and raw.
~ And for walking alongside...

My Joy Journey...
Sunset Rock, Lucerne.  One of my happy places....
"Don't cry because it's over...Smile because it happened." ~ Dr. Seuss.


Chantelle said...

That quote at the end got me. Geesh. Stop it. -- (((hug))) Good things are coming. I can feel it.

Laurel said...

I love reading what you write and for your example and encouragement. You are a blessing to so many. I love you and admire you. I wish you the best and am sure that you will make a lot of great memories in your new home. Take care my friend!!
Laurel :)

Angie said...

Such a huge step for you guys. Thinking and praying for you guys. Love u tons.

meg said...

excited for you guys and the road god has you on! i just love reading your thoughts and your heart :)