Just Keep Swimming...

The water was high this year.

And quite cold at the beginning of the week.
But, ten days in - with that massive, muggy heat wave that we had - it really became quite love-o-ly.

So, my boys basically lived in their swim gear.

I packed an entire suitcase of clothing...but really all it was used for was to serve as swim gear back-up. Ransom is my only non-water child.  He prefers to just "dip his piggy toeths" in the water.

My other boys are fish.

And my Biggest Boy and I like to spice things up a little bit.

We asked the Hoolies if they wanted to feel like they were flying...
I asked them if they wanted to experience a part of my childhood where my own Dad and brothers would throw me up in the air and chuck me just as far as they could.

They said:  "Sure."
One time each...
I think Daddy struck the fear of the good Lord into them after that...
Not intentionally, mind you.
After that, I tried to bribe them so I could have more photo ops.
Jesse took me up on the offer one time.  His fee?  Two marshmallows.
After that...I even went as high as two bucks and THREE more marshmallows.
But he said:  "No way..."

I think it was the going in head first that did it for him....

After that, they opted for a slower version of excitement:

Whoaaaaa!  Slow down, Kaden...

You guys are crazy!
What daredevils....

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