Little Lists....

And just like that.....Summer fell into Fall.

 My blogging days have been far too silent these past many months.  Ebbs and flows, I guess.
As my world around me gets busier, I still record our days in pictures.  I just lack the follow-through to drop them over here and write about our happenings.  This year's blog book shall be awfully sparse.  It kind of makes me sad to see a skinny recording of our lives.  So, my goal is to improve.  One post a week is what I'm going to strive toward.  A Friday phone dump of our life with a written recording of our days for the sake of Memory.
First time at SoulFest with the WHOLE family.  SO fun.
Because the days are long, but the years are fleeting.
I am watching time fly away right in front of my eyes.
My girl is no longer a baby; and my boys are becoming men.
  SO many lovely places visited this year.  Rangeley, New Hampshire, and Texas.
Complete and total potty training has happened for my London.
A thumb sucking habit has been conquered for my Ransom.
Big, beautiful 1st time deer for both Kaden AND Jesse.
Our whole entire family (except for Kevin) got lice.  That's a doozy to look back on.
My hubby turned 40.
 Two big milestones right here.
One he found to be quite fun and one not so much.
I tell him to own his age like a BOSS.  He's like a fine wine.  He gets better with age....

Chronic health issues getting healed has organically turned into a business venture for this Mama with no one more surprised than myself.
A church that is growing -- exploding, really -- and our days are full into ministry.
A first year of piano lessons is almost in the books.  One boy has fallen in love.  Another begs daily to be done.
Year seven of Homeschooling has been eased into, and I am finding my groove for what works and what doesn't.
And the Holidays are upon us once more.....
Jam and Applesauce made this year.
My jam came out horrid and I'm devastated.  My applesauce restored my Joy.
Busy days.  Normal days.  Very regular days.
Sweet milestones.
New ventures.
The daily whirling and swirling of wash, rinse, and repeat.
Count the Joys.  Name the gifts.  Our Thankful Tree.
It's a simple life, and I love it.
It's been a good year.  A year of many changes, and a year of Growth.

I love looking back and seeing how far we have come.... as a family, as a couple, as individuals.
When one year winds now and another is upon me, I like to look back, and I like to remember where I was then and where I am now.  Things I have grown into.  Areas that still need growing.  Always assessing and re-assessing.  It's good to keep a finger on the pulse of our days...
This author is EPIC.  He wrote Praying Circles around your Children....among others.
Life.  Changing.  Books.

One thing I have learned this past year for myself is the intense need to fill myself up each day so that I have something to pour out onto those around me.  The first hour and a half of my days this entire past year have grown me like no other time in my life, I think.  In those early moments of my days while the rest of the house has been silent...during those coffee dates with Jesus...I have read, and I have prayed, and I have learned, and I have recorded my prayers......and their answers as each month has passed.  I have systematically seen God show up time and time again in answers to my prayers - both big and really small..
Waiting for my turn.  #bucketlist
~Father, help me to find Jesse's brand new hoodie he just got for his birthday.
~ Please have London be potty trained before I leave her for a week with my Mom.
~Show us....lead us to answers for Kevin's stomach issues.
~You know our curriculum needs...and our committment to paying only cash.  Guide us, Father.
~ Should we get a dog?  Is this the right timing?
~ Please - I BEG you - make these lice die and leave our lives.  lol....wowzas....
~ London's teeth, us.  Show us what to do..
~ Keep my boys safe while they hunt.  Deer or no deer, we thank you for Your provision.
~ Please instill in this boy a love for reading.  Please help it to become easier for him.  May he love it one day.
~ Help the brothers to love each other.  To have grace.
~Might she learn joyful obedience...and learn to obey the first time.
~Give us wisdom, Father.  Show us the way....  Is this from You or from my own selfish desires??
Little prayers.  Big prayers.  Answered prayers.  Still waiting prayers.
All recorded.  All written down...
A living heritage for my children to see how deeply He cares.  How wildly He loves.
How deeply invested and involved He is in our days...
And how He longs for us to love Him back with that same deep love....
These early hours have grown me this past year....
I trust Him more.  I love Him more.  I NEED Him more.

And while many things change and shift all around us -- He stays the same.
While this Mama and this wife stumbles along....learning, and failing, and falling -- He gives grace.

I think it's why I love this month so month.  An intentional mindset of thankgiving...of thanksLIVING.  Like this little blog space that has sat too silent for way too's good to look back on.  It's good to remember.  Record the gifts.  Name the graces.  Count the Joys...

See the sacred in the chaos.

Push to reset....

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