In His Own Words...

Kevin's Plexus Story.
In His Own Words.....
Recorded for our Blog Book so our kids can know the Story -- and see their Daddy's bravery again.
And written here for anyone else who may need a little bit of Hope....

"We were all bundled up to go sledding as a family.  It was a beautiful snowy afternoon, but I was struggling to enjoy it.  Guilt riddled my mind as I thought about how much fun I wished I could be having if I had felt better.  I forced myself to go sliding to make memories with my children but I wished I was home because I felt so sick to my stomach and had no energy.  I had been feeling like this for about a year, and I was super discouraged and quite frankly, depressed.

I had tried cortisol medication, proton-pump inhibitors, clean eating, a gluten-free diet, had extensive allergy testing with a homeopathic doctor, probiotics, supplements, and even tried acupunture.  I was so discouraged, that I was prescribed an antidepressant.  Even still, I had stomach pain and zero to no energy.

In March of 2013, I decided to have my gallbladder removed.  This was my last resort, but I had felt so terrible for so long, that I was going to try it.  This helped me some, mostly because the organ had become inflamed, but by no means did this help to the degree I was hoping for.

Over the next couple of years, I remember constant digestion problems.  I took Zantac and  Tums like they were candy, experiencing frequent stomach pain, low energy, and what I would call "brain fog" - the feeling you get when you are exhausted all the time!  What I know now is that all of these symptoms were actually related to poor digestion.  I had resigned myself to the realization that I would always have poor digestion, stomach pain, and low energy the rest of my life.

It was near the end of 2015 that we started hearing about Plexus from a friend, and I had no interest.  After all, I had already tried everything, and this had to be just another probiotic.  I was very critical of anything I heard about Plexus because I had tried so many things that claimed the same results.  I would have probably never tried Plexus at all, except that someone gifted a one month's supply of the Triplex to us because my sweet wife so desperately wanted me to feel better.

We committed to trying it for 2 months.  I told myself that at the end of 2 months, if I didn't notice a difference, I would discontinue it.  But after 2 months, I was noticing a difference.  My stomach wasn't in the same degree of pain, and I didn't feel exhausted all the time.  My moods were much better.  My brain fog was starting to lift.  I was having more "good days."  That was enough of a change that I decided I would keep going.  After 3 months, I noticed even more of a significant difference.  In fact, there was a 2-week period where I had run out of the Triplex I was taking, and I relapsed into my regular stomach pain and brain fog.  This was quite discouraging, but it also helped me realize how much it was actually working!

I have been taking the Triplex for 10 months now, and I feel like a different person!  More energy, minimal stomach and digestion issues, stabilized mood, and a love for life and doing all God has called me to do!  I love having energy to wrestle with my boys, shoot hoops, or go on fishing expeditions!  I am so thankful that God brought Plexus into my life. I believe that this is what He wanted to use to heal my body!  Plexus products are legit, and I am living proof!

I trust this is encouraging to you that regardless of what symptoms you may be facing today, that there can be hope and health for your future."


tifani pedro said...

AS always, a wonderful blog entry. If I could afford Plexus I would be using it too! God bless you all.

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful and sincere post about the benefits that Plexus has provided for you. I think many, including myself, are skeptical about supplements, especially products that pay people for their committment to sell to their acquaintances. So glad that your health is proof of you success!