Push to Reset.

Mondays start out kind of rough around these parts.
"Kaden!  You waked up!  You wead me stowies!!"
Everyone is still kind of fried from the weekend.
Nobody gets great naps on Sunday, so oddly enough, nobody sleeps that great Sunday night.  Weird.
The house is kind of in shambles with laundry begging to be washed.  And dried.  Rarely put away.  
The kids are alternately fragile and then crazy.and then back to fragile and then crazy. All.Day.Long.
My three chicky Ladies...
And the Mama is frazzled.

And sometimes grumpy.
And often overwhelmed.
And there are days when I longingly watch Kev walk out the door for work, and I really kind of want to switch places...

But then I figure:  "God created the world out of nothing, and as long as [I am] nothing, He can make something out of me." ~ Martin Luther

And so we start out slow.
And I crawl out of bed before the lot of them to sit and be.
And I ask for eyes to really see.
And I beg for wisdom and for grace to be wholly here....so that I might truly see the Holy Here.

And I watch and I wait...
Pleading like the blind beggar:  "Lord help me to see."
Because He is in the details.  He is in the moment.  And He is in all that blurs by in my Life.

He's in my babies.
And He is in my Mondays...

And the whole of Life - even the Crazy days, and even the hard, and the not so pretty -- even the messy Mondays that come right after the put together, tied up with a pretty hand raising bow of a Sunday -- is made up of the minute parts...the moments...the crazy ordinary.  How we spend our days is how we spend our lives, so says Annie Dillard.

It takes the whole lot of it to make up the Life that we are so blessed to get to have...

It's when I decrease, that the world becomes right.
And it's when I refuse to disdain the small - that my perspective makes the greatest shift.
Counting down the days til Christmas.
And so I focus on the little things these days...
The simple things.
The tiny graces.
And the little Gifts.

Sneaking London back to my unmade bed once she's awake for the day and reading stories under the covers.
Letting whoever is able to sleep in over the Crazy that is the rest of the house - to do so in sleepy peace.
Allowing whoever feels like staying in their jammies for the day - to do so if that makes them happy.
Having a little extra grace with siblings who nitpick....and with others who are teary.
Focusing a little more on the reading....and doing it by the tree because there's only ten days left...
Early naps and early bedtimes.
And maybe even Chinese for supper...
Best Buddies...most days.
"It's the Joy of the small that makes Life Large." ~ Ann Voskmap, One Thousand Gifts

And real Joy is in the acquiescing.
And it's when I open my hands to whatever the days hold -- and to HE Who holds my days....
It's when I empty myself of ME, so that He can fill me up with Him...
That's when the days begin to right themselves.
This.....These sweet things...my heart.
That's when I see just how large my life really is...
Push to Reset.
And gifties from friends are pretty great, too....

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Esther said...

Beautiful as always, Amy. Today was a rough one here, too... at least the first part. I literally wasn't sure if I was going to continue trying, at least for today. Thankful for lots of grace and a super amazing husband who was there when I needed.