Thirty-Nine. (wowzas!)

So, My Love...
I always write my Little Loves a birthday blog post.  It's only fair I write you yours...

Sunday you turn 39.  Ever closer to that elusive 4-0...and while you've never been too sure about grower older... I, on the other hand, have always said that you're like a fine wine. You just keep getting better with age.  And those few grey hairs speckled throughout your head?  I kind of love them.  Embrace them, Baby.

You've earned them living with this mob of Crazy.

 I'm so thankful for you, Kev.  And I probably don't tell you that enough.
Next to salvation, you are - hands down - the best decision I ever made.
One that I have never for a second regretted, and one for which I will be forever grateful.

So, thanks for being you.

Thanks for being a gentleman in college and for treating your girlfriend that you had at the time with respect and honor.  I took notice of it then, and it impressed me. I remember being jaded with guys at the time and stating clearly that I would not be a statistic for their "Bridal Institute," but if ever I were to fall in love again - I wanted to be loved "the way that guy loves his girl."  Thanks for standing out.

Thanks for playing soccer with me back in Bible college and for not flipping out when I kicked the ball at your face and gave you a bloody nose.  Thanks for being cool about it and for not getting mad when I couldn't stop laughing - even though I felt bad.  I can't control myself sometimes.  That was my first sign that you didn't have a bad temper and that you could - literally - roll with the kicks punches.  I love that about you.

Thanks for being patient with my heart during those College years and for letting our friendship deepen while our hearts made sure we could trust.  You were my best friend before there was ever anything else, and that's my most favorite ingredient of our marriage.  There is no one I would rather hang out with than you.
Thanks for being THE BEST Daddy....
Thanks for always being a gentleman and for treating me with respect.  Thank you for the way that you honor me and for the way that you protect our marriage.  You are over the top careful about the way you handle yourself around other women, about what you let your eyes look at, and about keeping short accounts with me and with God.  I love the way that you love me.  You are a man of integrity, one whom I pray that our three boys grow up to become, and one whom I pray that our little girl holds up as the standard for her future man.
And you've set it pretty high. Thanks for that, Love...
Thank you for being the one who keeps the finger on the pulse of our Home.  You are the one who is always aware when things are out of balance.  You are the one who is always assessing and re-assessing what needs to change, what needs to be taken off of our plates. and what needs to be fine tuned to make our Home and our lives run more smoothly and more focused.
My heart.  Right here.
Thanks for loving me for me.  Thanks for letting me broadcast my heart and our lives from the rooftops on this crazy blog of mine - when you would rather keep our entire lives private.  Thanks for letting me be loud and whirling...and for always being the Strong and Steady in our lives.  Thanks for being gentle with my non-detailed brain, and for coming alongside when I get overwhelmed with Life.  Thanks for always being able to make me laugh when I'm mad at you, and thanks for never letting us go to bed angry.

Thanks for breathing your calm into my insecurities and for making me always feel brave.

I love the crazy recipe that makes you - You.  I will never be able to wrap my mind around the way your brain works - but I love it.  I love that you are deep and that your brain is ever going, but you are equally hilarious and witty.  I love that you can take yourself and life SO super seriously, but at any moment we can both be dying laughing at a most inappropriate time and place, with tears running down our faces completely unable to control ourselves.

That's a pretty great balance, in my book.
Depth married with hilarity.
Seriousness with a little Crazy mixed in.
It's what makes living life with you an adventure!
Thanks for all of our crazy Adventures.  They are the best.
I love being yours.
I love doing the crazy of Life with you.
I love you.  I'm proud of you.  I respect you.

I love the normal and the mundane of every day - knowing that you will be walking through those doors at the end of it - and I love how I feel when I see your face.  You're my favorite, Kevy...and I would follow you to the ends of the Earth.  I've done it once before...

Happy 39th, Love!

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