Perspective. Round Three.

Welp...this morning, my two largest Hoolies were supposed to be hopping into the car with Grampy and Grammy Quint and heading up North for a few days of winter fun.  And early tomorrow morning, my two littlest Littles were supposed to kick it over to Grampy and Grammy Trundy's house for two nights....and tomorrow morning after the drop off, my Largest Love and I were supposed to go away -- by ourselves - just us -- for a belated Valentine's getaway of two nights to a sweet little Inn in Freeport.

You know, Life happened.
Or in our case -- more puke happened.
We are currently on round three of this awesomeness.  Three.

We were good.  We were better.  There had been no puking for three days, and so we ventured out.  We went to a couple of parties.  We went to church.  We had people over.  We went to a bounce house and played.  We went.  We saw.  And we eased back into society.....   And now Kaden and London are both sick again.  Did we just pass our germies around to about 500 people...or did we get exposed again from somebody else?  Who knows.....

But, regardless, here we are again - round three.  So, needless to say, while our babies are still sick, we shall stay home and do our best to get this plague under control.  Instead of dressing up cute for my man and ordering out at a fancy restaurant...I'm here in my sweats, hair thrown up high, with a feverish baby permanently attached to my hip.  Instead of sleeping in until we feel like waking ourselves up...we'll sleep with the door open and stay half awake to make sure we make it in time to whoever needs us most in the night.  And instead of letting someone else clean up for us and do all of our dishes....we'll re-sanitize every inch of our house, and get those puke pots cleaned up for another round of glory...

Of such is this season.
And it's okay.
We'll set up a tent in the basement for the boys who are bummed about the change of plans.
We'll assure the biggest boy that he is more important than a hotel.
We'll baby the Baby, and we'll take turns with the snuggles...
We'll trade shifts in the night.
And he'll bring home pizza for dinner.
We'll take deep, cleansing breathes - and we'll keep our perspective.
Because what good will it do to complain?

And I'll still count the gifts, and I'll still live the joy...
Because this - right here - is my Life.  And it's good.
These are my Loves...and we walk it together.
And there are far worse things than a passing little sickness...

And in the grand scheme of things - it's just a weekend away - and we will reschedule.
Here....we are rich.  Today we are full...
In life and in Love...and with Him by my side...we are full indeed...pressed down and overflowing.

And..."An occasional burst of praise, in the midst of years of complaining, is not what is required.  Songs on rare, sunshiny days; and no songs when skies are cloudy - will not make a life of gratitude.  The heart must learn to sing always...Thanksgiving has attained its rightful place in us, only when it is part of all our days and dominates all our experiences." ~ J.R.Miller The Thanksgiving Lesson.

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