A Scraptastic Getaway.

This is how I left my dear hubby this past Friday, right before I kicked it for three solid days:
Bachelor-ing it with ALL of the kidlets.
Yup.  He rocks.
Little Missy Chunky Chunk.
And not only did me, myself, and I kick it for the weekend, but so did my housemate, Shandy, as well.  So, the two men truly held down the fort for the entire weekend.  You know your living experiment is going well when you leave Home for the week-end with your housemate in tow!  We kind of really like each other....
When the boys found out I was going to work on London's album, they wanted to look at theirs.
THIS... this right here makes my heart happy.
This past weekend was my annual one-time-a-year-that-I-touch-any-of-my-scrapbooks-Getaway.  For 3 out of the 365 days every year, a group of us girlies drive down to Bar Harbor for the weekend where we all find ourselves at various levels of panic in trying to get ourselves caught up in all things memory keeping. Some girls view this as a mini vacation, and they spend their time shopping, watching movies, taking naps, and doing an occasional page here and there.  Some - like me most years - view the weekend as a marathon and set themselves crazy lofty goals to meet.  And others - like me this year - find themselves a little bit in between the extremes.

Most years, I don't go to sleep before 2:00 a.m. and I am the first one up and at 'em in the morning with "Conquer! Conquer! Conquer!" as my mantra.  This year, I had myself in bed before Midnight, and my eyeballs didn't even open before 8:30 a.m.  There were no boys jumping on me and there were no babies howling in the night, so my body kind of went into Hibernation Mode for 8 solid hours straight both nights.

It.  Was.  Divine.
And so, between sleeping, and pumping - because I didn't have my wee one with me....and between visiting and going out to eat here and there...I didn't reach my goal of 100 pages like I usually do each year.  But, I did do 75 pages, and I got London caught up from not even existing to two months shy of where she is right now in life for her baby book.

Not too shabby.
My "workspace."  A bit of a sty...but 'tis where masterpieces were created...

And it was so much fun.
And our Hubby's were such rockstars.

We came home to a clean house and happy children.  (All except for London who scolded me for the entire first day.  She was not impressed with Mama.  At all).  We came home to husbands who still had all of their hair and to 5 little boys who had tales of glory about bonfires and hot dog roasts.

And we came home to the classic re-entry of bedlam and mayhem, crazy chaos, and the life of two Mamas wrangling six small children between us.  Sometimes re-entry is a little bit painful.  And sometimes being reminded of what it's like to sleep in as late as you want to is a little bit painful, as well that next morning.

 But, mostly it's nice to be back home with all of my Crazies.
 I kind of love them.

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Kristi said...

Awww, I miss you crazies!!! Glad you had a good weekend away! Let's catch up soon...it's been too long! Love you, dear friend.