10 Months.

So, my not-so-wee Little Missy Miss is 10 months old today.
10 months.  Holy Hannah.
That's two months shy being ONE.
Whaaaat?  Crazy.

She now has five teeth in which she thoroughly enjoys biting whatever she can wherever she can - including shoulders, arms, or whatever part of anyone she can come in contact with...she is now crawling to beat the band, and just this week she is pulling herself up to stand.  This home no longer has need of a puppy to clean up the floor after meals, because we now have a mobile London - who can often be found under the table eating who-knows-what from who-knows-when. Or where.

I eagerly await each and every diaper change to see just what exactly this child has consumed when my back was turned - with five little boys in love with all things legos, bracelet bands, marbles, and all things small and choke-able.

I do believe it will be a miracle if this girl lives to be one....
Speaking of diapers...
There was one night while I was at work when the boys fed her a plate of baked beans.
She loved them.  Obviously.
End of story.
Except not really...
There's actually more to that story.  SO much more...that happened the next day...if you know what I mean.
SHE knows what I mean....

This girl.  She.  Is.  Awesome.
She's funny.  She's naughty.  She's happy.  She's silly.
And she has each and every person in this house completely wrapped.

She's also pretty chill.
And she puts up with a WHOLE lot of loving.
And a whole lot of boys just being.....well, boys:
Baby girl tights are still quite a novelty in this house.
Methinks a whole lot of shenanigans take place whilst I am at work in the evenings...

Baby Girl...
London Faith.  How we love you, dear One.
Such joy and laughter you have brought to our home.
Such sweet softness from your three big brothers.
Such a tenderness to this Mama's heart.
These ten months have been a sweet, sweet gift of You.
And I have savored you thoroughly.

"Babies are such a nice way to start people." ~ Author Unknown.


Uncle Joshua said...

London you are a beautiful girl. I hope to know you as you grow.

Rachael said...

YUM! She's getting so big, and even cuter than when I saw her last!
I especially loved the tights picture! :-) Your boys are so awesome!!