The BOYS Are Back in Town...

Friday night brought Grampy and Grammy back to the ranch with the van loaded to the hilt with our BOYS.
Super excited to see their sister again, Boys.
Over the top happy to be HOME again, Boys.
And while we have entered an entirely new level of CRAZY in this house....OH. My. Word.....the love that these three boys have for their baby sister is really just the most adorable thing ever.  And while, at times, it's actually a little bit over the really is just precious.
Kaden keeps saying:  "She is just SO precious.  Even when she cries, she's cute, isn't she?"
And Jesse says:  "I am WILD to hold her!"  (Meaning, he can hardly wait his turn).
Right now, Ransom is content to kiss her on top of the head whenever he walks by, and calls it good.
And sometimes, he even likes to give her "five kithes."
Mama likes to "fo-hawk" her hair.
The boys like to keep it flat.
"Here's five kithes for my baby London Faith...."
And off he goes to play his trains....

This is them the very first night they got home.
Taking turns holding her...oohing and aaahing.
Commenting on how "tiny she is!"
Saying "Pink is a really good color for her....because she's a girl, and all...."
 And this is pretty much what little London's day looks like.....
 It is very, very hard to be a baby.....
In this picture....both she and Jesse are sleeping.  Most precious thing ever.
Grammy was beside herself worrying that London would slide right out of his sleeping arms...
And so now we have established some ground rules:

~ When her eyes are closed - they are closed for a reason.  They are NOT to be pried open.
~ When she is sleeping in her Moses basket upstairs, she does NOT need to be checked on.
~ When she is melting down in the evenings...she doesn't really want to be "loved on" right then.
~ Anytime after 7:00 a.m. the Hoolies may come upstairs for London snuggles.  Before then, she is sleeping.
~ Only Kaden may carry her down the stairs....and this is only when Daddy and Grammy aren't looking. :0)

And when she is alert and happy...snuggle away...for as long as she can take it.
This girl - oh goodness - she will be well loved.
She is already...
A big huge brother with his baby sister...oh goodness.
Melt my heart to pieces.
And so here we are, a family of six.


Rachael said...

Love love love.
Soak it in, big brothers. You're rapidly learning how to become good Daddies for all my grandbabies. :-)

Chantelle said...

The pic of Jesse sleeping while holding her - toxic cuteness. The pic of Kaden at the end w/ her - I want a big brother like that! The fo-hawk - I'm with the boys. ;) And the idea of Kaden carrying baby down stairs!?!? ...I think I just died a little.


Angie said...

Love, love, loving the pictures of all of your gorgeous kiddies!! The first few weeks are some of my favorite. I'm sure it will be hard at times, but good for you for taking them minute by minute. xoxoxo