The Grace of Today...

As another Mama so aptly put it....

Today, I am appreciating "The Grace of Now."
The "here's" of this moment that will be the yesterday of tomorrow...
~ Soft weekend snowfall.
~ Family ice fishing.
~ Afternoon naps.
~ Animal crackers and Cheerios galore...
~ Peanut butter sandwiches.
~ Lazy days at home.
~ Requests for a "snuggie."
~ Cartoons on the couch.
~ Front door slamming for outside play.
~ Big breakfasts and big bellies.
~ Little kicks and LIFE.
~ Unconditional love and unsolicited hugs.
~ Blocks and Legos....someday replaced with teen boy things.
~ Mama requests for games...soon to be considered childish play.
~ Me, their favorite person, someday replaced with true heart love.
~ Cozy, fireside evenings.
~ Safety, Trust, Security.
~ Knowing where they are each and every night...
~ Wild imaginations.
~ A place to run and play.
~ Dreams of spring...and of babies...and of gardens.
~ Bits of pink to practice on.
~ My boys quickly learning to be more tender.
~ Her love for chickens....just like mine.
~ Moments of rest.
~ Snippets of silence.
~ Sacred in chaos.
~ Kitties at play...
~ And little boys who try to replicate.
~ Tempers and tears.
~ Comedy and laughter.
~ Messes and madness.
~ And bedtime.
~ These three - my gifts.
~ Their Daddy - my joy.
~ Sweet London ~ all grace.

And the gift of tomorrow?
Well, there's no guarantee.....

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