For the broken...and for those who have done the breaking.

For the child....or the adult...who has ever been bullied.
And for the one who has done the bullying...

For the Mama who walks alongside her Love who is being belittled.
And for the Mama who needs wisdom with her Love who is doing the belittling...

For my children to watch...and to remember...
For if and when the day comes where harsh words are spoken to you and about you.

And....even more importantly...
For you to remember that sticks and stones do break the bones....and words forever wound...

My Loves...
Flesh of my flesh....
This is the prayer of your Mama ~

May your hearts be forever tender.
May you always root for the underdog.
May you never be the bully.
And may you always love the lowly.
May you see with Jesus' eyes.
And may your heart bleed when you see others hurt.
May you always be the greatest cheerleader of the one who is hurting the deepest.
And may you never be the cause of another's lifelong wound.
But if you are....may you see it for what it is...and may you seek to make amends.
May you never be comfortable when you see someone else's pain.
May you seek to be a healer...

And if you ever are the brunt of this brutality...
My sons, might you remember this to always be truth:

You are enough.
You are worthy.
You are wildly loved.
You are desperately wanted.
You will never be the wrong answer.
You will never be abandoned.
You are not alone. 
Not ever...
And may you run - run fast and hard and never stopping - into the arms of the Ultimate Healer...

"God makes a home for the lonely." ~ Psalm 68:6

"You have put my tears in a bottle....." ~ Psalm 56:8

"The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." ~ Psalm 34:18

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Kristi said...

i loved this, Ame. thank you. your words are always beautiful - a reflection of your beautiful heart.