They sit - all three - messy haired and lined up on the couch from tallest to shortest, quietly (for now) watching cartoons.  He left while it was still black outside to go on his traditional Thanksgiving morning hunt with a friend, and I sit here in the darkness quietly sipping my coffee. 

Before the rush of today begins, I am still.  My heart is full of these gifts that are mine for now, and I give thanks.

For these four men and one within.  The loves of my life.
For a warm home soon to be filled with family.
For the smells of yummy food bubbling on the stove breathing comfort and security.
For loved ones.  For health.  For new life within.  For dear friends.  For precious family.
And for a break from the rush of life - just for a day - to remind me to stop and to savor.
Really, for everyday gifts that I so often bulldoze right past.
But still, all grace.  All on loan.  Nothing I have earned - and surely nothing I deserve.
And gifts given nonetheless from a gracious Daddy who loves His kids wildly regardless of their responses to Him.

And there are moments like this one, where I am blown away by that kind of a love...

There will still be chaos today.
There will still be squabbles and epic messes, I am sure.
There will probably even be some burned food because of a potential catastrophe that had to be intervened upon.

But today is still different.  It's out of the ordinary.  Today we come together and we remember.

And I am thankful.  Deeply thankful for what I have.  For what I so often hold with iron-gripped fist but am always reminded to give over - and give up - with open hands and with willing heart.  For things I take so flippantly for granted.  And for things that I have never once been given the guarantee of having tomorrow.  These are gifts for Today - for right now - alone.

So this morning in the stillness, I splay fingers open wide - held up to the One who is the Giver of all gifts in the first place... And with open heart and open hands I give thanks.

Abba Father.
Thank you.  For everything.

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