Friday Show and Tell.

It's been a few days since a posting, so here's a little happy Friday post of nonsense.
I give you:  "The Friday Show and Tell" around these here parts of Booker Land.

Exhibit A:
 This is me in my 15th week.

Actually, this is me first thing in the morning.  By evening, for some strange reason, I look like I'm going to give birth to twins...tomorrow.  So, I like to take my pictures first thing in the morning after all of my cookies have settled, and preferably in black.  I have no excuse for my backside.  Well....maybe the cookies....

This picture is also for my Ohio friend, Rachel, who likes to mock my wardrobe preferences with its huge lack of selection and color.  When she found out I was pregnant, this is the text that she sent me:  "Just think!  Now you get to wear your sexy black maternity shirt...and your other black maternity shirt...and your OTHER black maternity shirt."  Point taken, dearest.  I like black.  It hides things...

It's also why I'm partially terrified if there is a wee young lady within my womb.  I lack the girly genes.

Exhibit B:
This is what's hanging in my garage right now.
This is also what's for school today:  Butchering, Biology, and Anatomy 101

Kevy's friend Brent helped us cut up our first deer, so we promised we'd return the favor if he got one this season.  So, that's what we're doing today.  And then Kevy got his second deer on Monday, so Brent is going to return the favor for us in a couple of days after our deer hangs for a bit.  And Brent is still hunting, so we shall very likely return his favor and help him cut up another a few days after that....

I told the guys that they owe all of their amazing success to me.  I knew it in my gut that Kev was going to get a deer this year, because I'm pregnant.  Three out of my four pregnancies, I have been cutting up a deer during my first trimester of glory...and another deer I had a brand, brand new baby beside me.  My philosophy is that their grand success is all due in part to my amazing hormones.  That's my story, anyway...

Exhibit C:
This is my kitchen table during the entire week before Thanksgiving:

We are hosting Turkey Day this year, and we are all just a little bit excited about it.  My kitchen is in a little bit of pain, and there will be beans and seeds lost and found forever throughout every room of my house because of our homemade decorations...but we're rolling with it.  It is what it is.
Here's Kaden's turkey creation:
Neat, tidy, and according to directions.
Here's Jesse's:
Wild, crazy, with a bit of his own creation thrown in besides...along with his most favorite word to spell: BAD.  Not sure why...

Exhibit D:  This was Math yesterday:
Making cookies.....I mean, learning our measurements.
 Okay, keeping it real....Mama was having a craving.
Exhibit E:
And this is my philosophy on life these days.....
Sip it.
Eat it.
Kiss it.
Snuggle it.
Love it up, Baby.
It's Friday...I'm in love.....


Lajeunesse Family said...

Love, Love, LOVE! :) You look so cute pregnant already! :) I love your crazy life. Reminds me that I am not all that different! :) Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Angelica said...

more happiness to fill my heart with via Amy' musings~

dude, embrace the black~ it's hawt!

i love Kevin's 'deer' smile~~ giddy little guy!

happy weekend!

Ali S. @EHBC said...

Sounds like a great week! But now I've got that Cure song in my head, thanks ;-P

Anonymous said...

You look good in black! :-) So,I suppose family day involves butchering a deer this week? Have fun...when we were grinding the meat into hamburger,I couldn't take it. Love ya! Rachel

Lorraine Tarr said...

Amy, just love your posts. Your boys are some lucky to have you as momma and teacher. Nothing any better. Oh yes, and black is wonderful! :)