The Mama Sabbath.

It's April 9th.
It's exactly three weeks into SPRING, and it's snowing.
This is the view from my side porch:
The horses don't seem to mind.
We got around three inches of snow last night, and it's still coming down.
But, even though it's April and it's snowing -- and those who know me well, know that I am no fan of snow or of being cold....I don't feel Grinchy in the least, because It's also Thursday.  And Thursdays make me happy, regardless.

Thursdays are my Mama Sabbath.
They are the only day of the week where I do not have to go anywhere or be anywhere.
And snowing outside or not -- I am still able to savor the day.
Last Friday, it was Spring.
One day soon, Maine will remember...

Thursdays are like everyone's else's Friday, I think.
Sunday, we live at church.  It's our longest work day, but we're together and it's awesome.
Monday, we hit the ground running with our heaviest school day and a work shift at night.
Tuesday, we do school in the morning, staff meeting all afternoon with a straight shot to work again.
Wednesday, we do school and/or Mom's group at church & then a final work shift to end my week.
Bangor City Forest.  Our Happy Place.
We were on a quest for the early salamander.  No luck this time.  But soon!
And then, it's Thursday.
My poor little house is sad and forlorn with laundry and dishes overloading.
My floors are begging for a good deep clean.
There's the pressure to finish up the school books that haven't gotten read yet for the week.
But, there's a different feeling in the air.
Full blown impy-ness, right here.
They were coming after me with snowballs.

The week-end is almost upon us.
Tomorrow Daddy is home, and we shall play.
So, today is Friday to me.

Our one last day to hit school hard, get the house in order, regroup and re-organize, and get ready for Family Time.  I love it.  Maybe it's all psychological, and maybe it's just because I know I don't have to be anywhere tonight, but I am relaxed Today.  And my boys are happy to have me.  They have missed me, and they love the fact that we have all day together.

Sweet little hornet's nest.  I kind of love them for some reason.
We are constantly assessing and re-assessing our Life.
We are always shifting and re-organizing our schedule - weighing the things on our plates.

Are they life giving?  Are they draining?  Should we keep them on regardless?  Is this good for us?  Is this wise?  Would this be good for the kids?  And even if it's good -- it is Great?  Is it worth the added stress - the addition of something more full?  Sometimes the answer is still yes, and sometimes it's no.  Sometimes everyone around me still chooses the yes, when I feel that it's just not right for our family in this season.  Sometimes people around me choose the no, but I feel that it's still right for us, regardless.

That's the journey of Life and of Family.
And it's unique for everyone.
A rose between two thorns.
Oh wait.....
Some can handle a fuller plate and a tighter schedule.  Some even thrive on it.
Some cannot.
Some Mamas can't handle being home all day every day.
And some Mamas can't take being away.
I find myself a little bit in both camps.

I like having my hands in the mix of several things.
I love my ministry that I have at church - I love the whirling and the swirling of it all.
I love the three waitressing shifts where I've been for five years.  Those people are my family.
And I love being home.

That's why I love Thursdays so much.  Sunday through Wednesday, I've been out a lot - busy and pulled in several different directions.  Work.  Ministry.  Life.  People.  All things I love.

But, Today, is my centering day.
My Biggest Ministry.  My deepest Joy.
My Loves.  All five of them.
Today there will be messes made and there will be messes cleaned.
There will be a perpetual ordering and re-ordering of chaos back to sanity.
There will be Math and there will Science.
There will be squabbles and there may be tears.
There will be a dent placed in laundry, and at least two loads of dishes done.
There will be Life - the mundane and the ordinary.  The beauty mixed in with the messy.
There might even be some moments in the crazy, where I wished I was headed out to a work shift this evening...

Today there will be the Mama and her Loves in their Cozies.
There's going to be a fun lunch in the living room with a movie.  Just because we can.
And there will be the anticipation of Tomorrow... of slowing down with Daddy.
It is my Mama Sabbath.
And it is good.
Slow....see the sacred in the Chaos.
And wherever you are - be ALL there!

“Maybe every once in a while we can take a break from doing everything faster and quicker to reflect on who we are and where we are going.” 
― Joe PlumeriThe Power of Being Yourself: A Game Plan for Success--by Putting Passion into Your Life and Work

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