A Girl and Her Boys.

Three little boys all lying on the bed ~
Along comes their sister - who jumps on all their heads!

One little girl with her three Hoolie boys ~
Lying side by side - they look like three Hoolie TOYS!

They're focused on their show, they're just barely alive ~
She sees her chance is NOW, and she takes a big dive!

She rides them all like horsies, and she flops across their backs ~
They hardly even notice her {not so} stealthy attacks.

She gives each one some "love-ies" and she pulls on all their hair ~
Surprisingly, they barely move - they're hardly aware.
She pokes them, and she prods them - she's a wee whirling dervish ~
As her Mama's looking on, she's feeling just a wee bit nervous....

'Cause the "WILD" is growing stronger, and the "CRAZY's" getting.....MORE...
I'm reminded, I thought "girly girls" were all a big bore....

This one, she's crazy daring - and she's impy, tough, and loud ~
And I kinda' must admit, that she makes her Mama proud!
But....give me grace, dear Lord......I have a feeling I shall need it.

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