Father's Day.

They say that often a little girl grows up to marry a man much like her own father.
They say that if a little girl has a good relationship with her own Daddy, she will grow up with a healthy view of men and of marriage.
Chances are greater that she will view her own Heavenly Father as good.
As trustworthy.
And as safe.

Well, I am no expert... and I am no student of such things as these...
But, I am a student of life.
And I have indeed had success in this thing called Love.

No little girl could have asked for a better childhood than me.
No young woman could have asked for a better man to lead her in all things Marriage and Love.
And no 4 little babies could have asked for a more doting father who loves with wild abandon - completely full and free.

We are blessed indeed.
Pressed down, pouring over, above and beyond all that we could have ever asked for or imagined - Blessed.

To my own Father - the first man I ever fell in love with - I thank you.
For my childhood. 
For your example. 
For the safety of your arms. 
And for the security of my Home.

To my Husband - the only man who has ever captured my heart completely - I love you.
For who you are. 
For your example. 
For the safety of your arms. 
And for this wild and crazy life.

And to the Father of my children - I honor you
And I respect you like none other.

For looking to your own Heavenly Daddy to teach you - when you had no earthly Dad of your own.
For being strong....in your gentleness, in your vulnerability, and in your grace.
For bearing this responsibility of Family and of Fatherhood with seriousness and with joy.
For your tender love for Jesus - for your passion and your zeal.

For being the kind of man whom I want my three sons to grow up to be like.
And for being the kind of husband whom I want my London to wait for.

Happy Father's Day, Kev.
How I love you...
You are my greatest gift.
"But who can find a trustworthy man?  A righteous man who walks in his integrity? ~ How blessed are his sons {and daughters :o)} after him." ~ Proverbs 20:6b, 7

"A child is not likely to find a Father in God unless he finds something of God in his father." ~ Austin L Sorenson

This, indeed, is the greatest gift you have given to your children, my Love....

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