Some Foodies of Delish.

I have always prided myself in my not-getting-sick skillz.

"Rarely do I get sick," boasted I.  "Usually the rest of my family goes down for the count, but I stay standing."  I chalked it up to my strong County upbringing....along with all of that pond water that I drank as a kid.  Well.  Pride cometh before the fall so sayeth the Good Book, and this girl hath fallen hard this winter.  Plenty-eth of times.
I love this cookbook.  A Christmas gift from Kevy.  Many recipes of delish found here.

Ho-ly Hannah.
This is a sick house, I tell you.

But I get it.  Ten people living here.  Four different work-place germs.  Homeschool co-op germs.  AWANA germs.  Church germs.  Silas' school germs.  Normal life germs.  Not to mention all of the germs that come with blending two different families, with six children - all of whom have several different oozing orifices that can't seem to stay out of each other's business.  Such is life.
This is one of the recipes from said book.   I make this almost every week.
You need 2 fresh squash if you wish to double the recipe, which I always do.
You could also use different coconut milk other than the canned brand.

And many people that I've talked to this winter say that it's been the same case in their homes, as well.  I don't think that we are the only ones.  I am just SO sick of being sick.  And snot.  I'm tired of snot.

Add to that, my wee Missy Miss who has had a perpetual cold for two weeks now, so she is up multiple times a night; and then chooses to be up for the DAY at 5:15 each day, and this Mama is starting to feel just a wee bit rundown.  That's usually when I get sick.  I need me my shleep. 
Today's recipe does NOT come from this cookbook, just so you know.
I LOVE this Rosemary Garlic rub.  It's amazing, and I add it to everything.
We whisked the kids away for a one night stay at a hotel a couple of nights ago.  Just a blitz of an end of vacation trip where they could jump on the beds and swim in the pool, watch cable t.v. and eat tons of fun foodies.  Welp.  Once all the kids were tucked away in their beddies - normally Kev and I rig up the room so that we can watch something other than Disney, but this time on our little getaway, the Mama fell asleep at 7:30!  I was a party animal.  Ah well...

SO not what this post was about.
My family eats a lot of chicken.
What I want to write about is some good eats that have taken place in our house these past couple of weeks.  I haven't posted any recipes in nigh unto forever, so I figured it was just about time! 

We two families have got our meal thing down to a pretty good science. 

Breakfast we are all always on our own.  Lunch we usually eat together once Silas gets home from Kindergarten.  We hodgepodge stuff together from each other's fridge and cabinets and call it a meal - usually pj on bread, fruit, veggies, hummus, pretzels, and apples are our staples.  Once a week Shandy and I make the kids' smoothies for a fun treat.
THIS is the recipe that I am posting pictures of.  Just super lazy to write out the recipe...
Suppertime is the meal that is typically eaten all together - with whichever Mama isn't working - and it's often a last minute plan of who is doing what, but it's organic and it works for us.  If Shandy had time to cook sometime in the week, she might throw together a chili for everyone to share.  If I plan on making some sort of chicken dish, and Charlie doesn't feel like cooking on a night where he is bachelor-ing it, he might donate a couple of chicken breasts to my dish and I will cook for everyone.  We might all do something different and have it be a potluck.  Or we might all do something different and have each kid eat only what his parents have prepped.  Sometimes my boys would rather eat what their boys are having.  Sometimes it's vice versa.  But whatever we are doing, we prep the kids before sitting down to eat....and it just works for us.  It's good.
10 Romas.  Almost an entire head of garlic.  Two fistfuls of fresh basil.  Heaven.

This is a dish that my family absolutely loves.
It's simple.
It's easy.
It's super healthy.
And it has become a weekly staple in our home.
I love weekly staples.
Salt and pepper your chicken with any other spices you'd like, and then grill it up in a pan with the olive oil.
Take the chicken out and let it rest while you throw your basil, garlic, tomatoes, and butter in.
You could omit the butter if you wanted to be even healthier, it just makes the sauce creamier.
Let everything cook and break down until it creates this awesome sauce of deliciousness.
Slice your chicken breasts into strips, and throw it in with the sauce.
Serve this over whole grain pasta, shredded spaghetti squash, or brown rice.
Put some freshly grated romano or parm cheese on top and serve in a bowl with a fork.
Heaven, I tell you.
You're welcome.

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